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Massachusetts may be a great state to learn about our nation’s history on the Freedom Trail, enjoy some baseball at Fenway Park, or take in that classic New Englander beach day in Cape Cod, but it can also be a great state to be a commercial trucker. Like much of the northeast, the Massachusetts, and its surrounding states are closely linked, making the trucking industry a valuable method of transport for goods. The commercial trucking industry is projected to continue its strong growth through 2022 and Massachusetts has a strong need for qualified truckers. To get your MA CDL, you’ll need to pass a written general knowledge test as well as test for any endorsements you may want to add to your license. To pass your tests, you need to study the 2023 Massachusetts CDL Manual.

How to Prepare

The written test will have multiple-choice questions pulled directly from the CDL manual. So to begin, grab a pen and paper, and read the entire manual taking notes as you go. If you’re planning on adding endorsements such as tanker, air brakes, passenger transport, school bus driving, combination vehicle, Hazmat transport, or multi-trailer, make sure to pay special attention to those sections as well. Hundreds of possible questions may be on your exam so stay focused. If you’re feeling your mind start to wander, take a short break or walk and then come back to your reading and studies. Next, view and read over your notes, make sure everything is clear in your head, and if there are any sections that still seem fuzzy, go back and reread them. The manual and tests are to make sure that you are a safe driver, both for you and for your cargo, and for the other people on the road, so study hard.

Final Steps

Once you’re feeling confident with your studies, it’s helpful to read over the manual and your notes one more time before you head off to the RMV, it will help it all stay fresh in your mind. At the RMV, stay calm, be confident in yourself, and get ready to explore your exciting new career as a commercial trucker.